Ingenza & Amplifica collaborate to advance novel alopecia treatments


@Speck Good find :+1: should we be excited over this? I didn’t get much out of the press .

:-1: :-1: skimpy on details

“Pipeline products” refers to products that haven’t been developed yet.

I think it’s not very to take it .

there is also this official statement on their website. Apparently they are in collaboration with the univerisity of california.

Exciting stuff honestly.

Can’t wait to see them move forward into actual clinical trials.

some more news on the scube3 related research:

More interesting news!!! Clinical trials underway. Promise to grow hair as we remembered it from when we were 18…
Excessive growth!!!

@Speck Good news! Looks like Aplifica is off to a quick start. Especially since it seems every other hair regeneration start-up that promises human trials gets stalled in pre-trial development that drags on for years.

It appears they are using molecules. Are they considered drugs?

@Speck If they’re not naturally occurring molecules, then they would be considered drugs. SCUBE3 is naturally occurring, but I don/t think AMP-303 is the same as SCUBE3.