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Increased Look of Density and a Feathered Hair Line with Scalp Pigmentation



Looks fine from a distance. Closeup photos are necessary in order to properly evaluate results. Working at Dr. Cole’s office, we had a patient come in for a couple sessions FUE to camouflage large dots placed by a clinic. His scalp pigmentation looked Okay from across the room before his FUE procedure grew in.


This is one of the better ones, the pigments are dark enough to be able to frame the face. I have seen others that used a very light color which defeated the purpose of getting this done, waste of money.


Thanks CIT and HMorHT for your comments. @CIT, of course you will find poor scalp pigmentation, sadly, no different to poor hair transplants, we have treated poor hair transplant results with scalp pigmentation. Being able to mimic the size of a hair follicle is an art, it requires an artistic skill and high quality pigments. @HMorHT, the contrast of the pigmentation needs to be controlled against the natural characteristics of the hair when it is shaved, sometimes a darker tone can work fine, but each case has to be taken on it´s merits. Here are some larger images.