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Improve clinical Outcome with HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant System


Hair transplant technology is changing with each passing year, and efforts are been made to make the procedure as minimally invasive and as much automated and as less time consuming as possible. as such, Robotic FUE is now the preferred choice for hair transplantation not only for the surgeons but are also being demanded by the patients themselves.

with a 16:1 gear ratio Suction Assisted, Contra-angle hand-piece, precision speed control, high Torque and low-speed Micro-motor, Safety, Punch and Cold Storage Canister, this system has overcome all the Disadvantages in the previously known Robotic Hair Transplant Systems.

The Novel Patented Self-engaging and Piston Type Implanter Adds on to the utility and ease of implantation Desperately needed by the Hair Transplant Surgeons worldwide. As such HARRTS is the world’s best Robotic Hair Transplant System to be able to aid in both extraction as well as implantation of the grafts.

if this wasn;t enough, the HARRTS System comes with as integrated Hair Transplant OT and two Systems in One to enable 2 Surgeons to use it on the same patient at the same time. the HARRTS mini, comes with two hand-pieces and can be used by two surgeons at the same time.


That is an aggressive marketing piece. Where is the data to support your conclusions?


Still waiting on your supporting data. Thus far, the device seems to be an animation rather than an existing device. The design of the hand piece has not functional value in a robotic system though you conclude this design is important. The design you show is valuable only for drilling teeth and not for removal of hair follicles to be honest with you.