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Important public health alert - Dr. Angela Campbell


IMPORTANT Department of Health (Australia) Public Health Announcement.

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Public Health Announcement

The Public Health Unit of South Eastern Sydney Local Health District has released a public health announcement for patients who underwent hair treatment and replacement at the clinic of Dr Angela Campbell in Macquarie Street, Sydney, between December 2010 and February 2013.

Dr Campbell has been suspended from practice since 25 February 2013 by the Medical Council of NSW.

A public health assessment of the clinic found evidence of poor infection control practices, including problems with the cleaning and sterilisation of surgical instruments and equipment.

The NSW Health Blood Borne Viruses Advisory Panel has advised that patients of the practice could have been exposed to blood-borne viruses with potential for infection with hepatitis C, hepatitis Band human immunodeficiency (HIV) viruses.

Professor Mark Ferson, Director of Public Health Unit, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District said patients are being encouraged to attend their local general practitioner for screening.

“The overall risk to an individual patient is very low. As a precaution, we are recommending that former patients attend their local general practitioner for screening for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and H IV infection,” Professor Ferson said.

“NSW Health has notified other States and Territories as we believe some patients may have come from interstate and overseas”.

Patients or their doctors who would like to discuss these recommendations may contact the Public Health Unit on 02 9382 8333 and ask to speak to a member of the Infectious Diseases Team.

Information about hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV infections can be found by following the links to a factsheet on each specific disease at the following website

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