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ICX-TRC website has changed

Here’s ICX-TRC’s new website:

Not much additional information than from PDFs, but here’s how they compare HM to HT:

“The ICX-TRC procedure is significantly less problematic than conventional hair transplants. In terms of the amount of tissue taken from the patient, only a small sample of approximately 120 follicles is needed. As a consequence, trauma suffered by the patient during the procedure may be dramatically reduced. Furthermore, as dermal papilla (DP)cells can be derived from a very small area of hair-bearing scalp, a much higher population of patients will be able to benefit from ICX-TRC than conventional transplantation. Superficial injection of cultured cells into the scalp causes far less tissue damage than implanting multiple hair follicles and is a considerably simpler, shorter and less painful process.”

Also here’s some info on their manufacturing process:

“Intercytex will manufacture ICX-TRC for Europe and the US from its own manufacturing facilities. In October 2006, Intercytex was awarded a grant from the DTI to develop a robotic system with The Automation Partnership for the commercial scale production of patients’ autologous DP cells. The robotic system has an established track record in processing many different cell samples simultaneously, so that at this scale, in which large numbers of different patients’ cells are handled, all samples remain isolated throughout the multiplication process.”

In the second sub-group, all patients showed substantial and visible increased hair counts at six or twelve weeks. A further eight subjects will be treated with variations in delivery technique. The full data set on all subjects at 24 weeks will be available in during 2008. This detailed analysis will form the basis of further Phase II or Phase III trials as appropriate.

At the end of the trial, photographic data will be analysed from a much larger area of treated scalp on all subject at 12 months.

This sounds like good news.I still have faith it’ll happen.In the meantime I’ll carry on shaving all of my hair off and still pop Propecia.

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