I will say one thing about the Nizoral Cream

i am seeing plenty of baby peach fuzz white hairs

however well I guess this is very quick and certainly I have seen nothing happenn up on the crown for 10 yrs

but this is not a 3 to 5 month process in my opinion

I expect it to take 6 months to even see any significant change in the crown and then 1 to 2 yrs after that, based on how long my crown has been devoid of hair

the guys in the japanese study, to me even though most were pretty far along, they still had a lot of hairs scatterred around their bald areas when they started

thus I think this made them respond more quickly

I should be happy and I am that I am getting ANY result, however its amazing how , when you first said i would be happy to see anything,quickly change and say ok now i want more more

ah hairloss

such a joy isnt it