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I want to Hair Transplant

How many need grafts?

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Get on finasteride and it might grow back on it’s own - zero grafts.

If You Want To hair transplant or if you are looking for hair transplant. we provide best treatment for FUE and FUT,Hair loss transplant in every corner of India. Contact us for more info.

Wow thats a fantastical claim. It is companies like these that lead to disaster.

Thanks for sharing your picture for discussion. We need some additional pictures of your areas of hair loss for better evaluation and further case discussion. .Please note that you must post clear digital images of area of hairloss and donor areas.

The pictures must include -

  1. Front face image (you need not show your face but we need the image to start from your eyebrows upwards),

  2. Both profiles (side views including the eyebrows),

  3. Top view,

  4. Back view (especially if the area of hair loss that needs to be addressed is the crown or vertex),

  5. The scalp donor area.

  6. Beard donor area pictures.

You can also send your details through email at contact@fusehair.com or you can directly contact us through whatsapp 919871700606.

I became a hair transplant yesterday. My doctor Ozge Ergun from istanbul. I’m happy because in my head 4500 grafts. Looking forward to my result. Thanks for informations.

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  1. days. Wounds are falling out.

  1. Days