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I think we *may* soon get good news!

The last Hair Loss Congress was in April 2019. They were having Hair Loss Congresses every year or every two years, at the most. Then, after the last Congress in April 2019 they said that cellular treatments for hair loss needed a solution to the hair-inductivity problem. They also said it would take a few years to come up with a solution to that problem.

Well, now it’s about 3 years later and the next Congress will be in mid-November this year. That will mean 3 1/2 years have passed since the last Congress when they said that inductivity was the big problem AND it would take a few years to solve that problem.

And now the Congress is back.

I suspect this means that they MAY have cracked the inductivity code. After all, they said inductivity was the big problem and they said it would take a few years to solve that problem. And now here we are, about to have another Congress.

Yes, I know that in effect Stemson solved the inductivity problem with their iPS cells but Stemson has other problems that may take them some time to solve.

I think the Congress may be convening again because the hair loss research community now has a solution to the inductvity problem and human trials involving induced human hair cells, like the cells Jahoda grew hair on his wife’s arm with, may be imminent.

Keep in mind that if cell-based human trials are done in Asia the treatment could be marketed after just a phase 1 study.

Didn’t they stop having congress’s when Covid hit? I doubt it was anything to do with them seeking a breakthrough before having their next meet up.

You may be right but I really don’t know. Covid could have prevented them from continuing the Hair Loss Congresses but I’m not sure if that’s the case. In any case, after the last Congress, they did say that inductivity was the big problem and it would take a few years to solve that problem. This could explain why they haven’t done Congresses in the past few years. After all, Covid isn’t gone, Covid cases are rising, and yet they plan to do a Congress in mid-November.

I’m starting to think we may be very close to a cell-based cure and human trials commencing as well.

Well jarjarbinx,i hope you could be right,could use some good news,i remember talking to spencer kobren on the phone in 2000 and he was confident we would have a cure by 2005,seems comical now.

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I remember Kobren saying that too. That having been said, I also think that they’ve had the amount of time they said they would need to solve the inductivity problem so I do believe they have probably solved the problem.

And keep in mind that Stemson has already found a work-around for the inductivity problem by simply using iPS cells to make a good amount of induced cells rather than trying to multiple hair cells in culture. So one company has already progressed beyond that particular problem. I have no idea why they aren’t going into human studies yet. Those guys are pussy-footing around a bit IMO.

LOL you are still spreading this ridiculous, unfounded optimism regarding treatments… literally the reason why i left this form a decade ago. I see nothing has changed ROFL.

Haha triggered so hard ahahaha… actually i had two very successful hair transplants and noone wld dream of calling me bald. But it’s funny how u would use bald as an insult on a baldness support website. Very scummy of u as always :joy:

Same old hairman, selfishly disrupting sites by picking fights to vent your bald stress. And you wouldn’t be here if you’re happy with your hair, but being the liar that you are you pretend your hair is all good.

You’re either a liar or a fool or both. Only a fool would actually leave a website because one of the posters is optimistic. But I guess you foolishly thought that saying you left because of my optimism would make me feel insulted so you dishonestly claimed that’s why you left. This shows what an idiot you are because I wouldn’t feel insulted because some fool liar says I’m optimistic.

That aside, obviously you’re still missing hair or you wouldn’t be here sniffing for hair loss cures and starting arguments to vent your baldness stress. Glad to see your hair loss problems aren’t solved, chimp.

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