I just bought 1 lb of spirulina/.5 lb of chlorella

I just got back in the states for a four month visit. In Thailand I could only find regular spirulina at a high price. So yesterday I looked around at a bunch of places on the net that sell spirulina. Here’s what I found to be a good find.

1 lb of Now Certified Organic spirulina for $25.98.
(source of spirulina info)

Just in case there’s any toxin in the already clean spirulina, I picked up a half pound of globally respected clean yaeyama chlorella powder by source naturals for $15.94. Chlorella is like a toxin magnet, but you have to make sure it’s yaeyama which is grown in Japan.
I’ve been reading you should take twice as much spirulina as you take chlorella which is why I bought the half pound.

shipping for both products was about $5

It’s a lot cheaper than buying capsules.