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I had the same problem, but researched a cure for me


I was depressed and self conscious when I discovered the top and back of my head was almost completely bald. My wife said “stop wining and do something about it”. So I researched and experimented on my own head (I was that desperate). Finally my hair grew back. I’m so happy I want to share it with the world, so no one has to suffer. It might work for others, I don’t know. This isn’t a sales push and I don’t ask for any money. I’m just a guy who promised God I’d put this on the internet if it worked. Lo and behold, here I am. Visit how-to-grow-your-own-hair.com and see my pics before, during and after. All I ask is that if it works for you, you pass it on to as many places as you can. Good luck.


Sorry about the spelling error, “whining”…


» Sorry about the spelling error, “whining”…

Now if you’ll only apologize for your spamming…


I am not sure it is SPAM because the results of burning his scalp off are so poor. Just looks like the hair has been combed in a different way - certainly not a Wow result by any stretch of the imagination - the guy is still bald. The drugs may have been the only effect and they are standard ones.


na, it’s not spam although it looks like it at first sight when you read his post, lol

There is a slight improvement, although the pictures are not taken in the same manner and you don’t seem to say when did you take those pictures ? (how much time after the “treatment” ) ?

The burning effect looks scary imo, is this supposed to be inspired from Follica bio and the demarbrasion stuff?



Looks like it’s way too risky for maybe a little bit of improvement… just a little… maybe. Seems like far from a “cure” to me.