I had my Hair Transplant with Dr. Prashant

Hello everyone,

My name is Rohit, I am basically from Pune

I am 31 years old. I losing my hairs for about 6 years. On August 5th I had my Hair Transplant with Dr. Prashant at Dezire Clinic in Pune. A lot of positive reviews written have already been written about his clinic and I can underline that they are doing a really excellent job.

Dr. Prashant is an outstanding doctor, he made me feel extremely comfortable during the overall procedure. After my experience, I will tell you there is no worry at all if you are thinking to take treatment at Dezire Clinic.
About Surgery:

I had 3500 grafts with an average of about 2 hairs per graft so around 7000 hairs. The treatment was smooth. During the procedure, I had two short breaks for lunch and the small snack. Overall procedure was painless and up until now 4 days after procedure it’s still pain-free, I have not any issues regarding hair transplant procedure and I sleep fine.

At the end of the procedure, Dr. Prashant told me about the number of planned grafts, which was 1800 will increase and we have to add another 400 on the next day. This was because of the poor quality of the hair in the middle of the head. The treatment for next day lasted just over 3 hours.

Hair transplant is undoubtedly the best thing to go for if all conditions are right. I just wanted to ask if you had any effect after the transplant of hair.
A few of us go through a period of shock loss and only a few of us recover from this.
Stress during this time can adversely affect the recovery process.
Thank you.

My question to you is that are you still suffering from hair loss or your problem has been solved.Does your hair do recline after the surgery.

nw my hair is good condition, there is nt hair loss, nt any pain and no side effect. If was saw any problem about my hair, I was directly go to meet doctor, He told its happen after surgery. He always gave me medicine.
Totally recover time is 1 month .

HI Rohit

I would really appreciate if you can share you before and after surgery pictures?

How much you paid for 3500 grafts?

Please advise…