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I got this post from another site. what do you all think?


I don’t know what to make of it and I’m wondering what the rest of you think. You see, in America our medical community wants to make sure they are not overmedicating so they start out small with small amounts of medicine but in some other countries, where medical personnel try to make bigger jumps in terms of progress, you sometimes see medical personal using larger doses of medicines and stuff like that. In other countries you can sometimes find that medical personnel push the envelope further than our medical personnel here in America does. For example, a lot of Americans travel to other countries to get medical treatments that an American can not get at home in America because the wheels of medical progress move very slowly in America.

That aside the below post from Hair Loss Help seems to indicate that in Taipei there is PRP experimentation going on with larger amounts of growth factors than the PRP experimentation going on here in America. If the below post is to be believed then in Taipei they are working with a much bigger version of PRP than the American medical doctors are working with.

In his post below the poster tells us the difference between the PRP being done in America and the PRP he is using with patients in Taipei.

Since experiments are being done with Acell + PRP, and those results are expected soon, it does make one wonder if the Acell + PRP experiments would yield better results if the doctors would try a BIGGER version of PRP like the one that the below Taipei poster says is going on in Taipei rather than the smaller version of PRP that is available in America.

Also, since there is ongoing American experimentation by doctor Hitzig involving adding Acell + PRP and apparently some kind of stem cell treatment I kind of wonder if it would be better to use these progenitor cells instead of stem cells. We have just recently learned that stem cells are not a relevant issue so shouldn’t Dr. Hitzig, and other practioners be using progenitor cells instead of stem cells???

10/25/2010 10:23 AM

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We have developed new therapy by human allogenic or autologus growth factory for treating androgenic alopecia for 50 patients here in Taipei. We mix platelet powder containing 300,000,000 platelets with 3.5ml sterile saline water and deliver this solution with dermal roller. 4 therapies in 8 weeks are carried out and we noticed new hair growth in all patients.

This therapy seems similar to that of PRP injection. But there are several major differences:

  1. by a new patented processing technology, the number of platelets infused into scalp is much higher than that of PRP by 100 times. Thus, much higher concentration of growth factors (PDGF, EGF, VEGF, etc.) enables better angiogenesis occurance in shorter period.

  2. The delivery of growth factors extended over 720 hours (4 weeks) inside scalp in comparison to very short time 48 hours(?) with fresh PRP delivery. So, it provides extended benefit to follicles.

  3. 4 repeated therapies provide better infusion than a single PRP infusion.

Jack from Taipei.



are there any before & after pictures to substantiate his claims ?

somewhere in there will be the laws of diminishing returns. that is taking a vitamin pill a day might make you strong. but taking 100 vitamin pills a day doesn’t necessarily make you 100X stronger.