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I don\'t get it!

David are you ok? did you have a bad week or something… Jesus christ man you act like an histerical little baby.

Listen… I never said YOU sold me the hair system. I never blamed you for its purchase.

All I am saying is that the information contained in your site about the FARRELL company is MISLEADING.

I’m sorry mate but it looks like you can’t stand this simple yet undeniable truth.

Now, I’m 28 and I’m not stupid. I knew that a wig was not going to solve my hair loss problems. But when you talk about eurosilking and ventilating technology you show once again how biased you are.

The hair on my system were only remotely similar to mine. They looked like Asian hair. And I 'm bloody Italian! Never mind eurosilking!!!

Not only that, the hair were so thick in diameter and density that the system looked so freaking unnatural from up-close.

When I brought this to Andrew Pollard’s attention he said that sometimes things go wrong in Mexico (that is where they make them) and that things would get better with the fine-tuning process.

Needless to say the situation never changed.

David, I am NOT blaming YOU for this. It was my fault to be so naive as to be sold a pair of wigs for 2.500 pounds. It was my fault to believe the plainly false and exaggerated claims that your and Richard FARRELL site make about these WIGS.

The only point I’m trying to make here is that a genuine and informative website should be much more selective and transparent when advertising these kind of products.

You actively champion the use of FARRELL’s WIGS as if they really are something different.

Please don’t sell me the " you had a bad experience but this does not make FARRELL a bad company" bullshit.

You know better than that.

In 12 months I have met so many clients that ditched the system before me. The sad reality is that those who keep wearing a system convince themselves that it looks good and natural and fail to see that people around them never fail to notice (sooner or later)that they are wearing a wig.

I might agree that in cases of severe disfigurement a hair system could be a valid solution but just because is the only viable one.

To sum up I think that this argument is sterile and pointless. You clearly can’t take criticism. Yet you want to help me to publish my story…

Do you think I’m stupid? why on earth I should let the sponsor of a company publish my story against them?

Come on… I will send you my details anyway so that you know that what I’m writing is genuine stuff. I do not want my story published. I don’t need that anymore.

What I would like is a place where people can talk freely and openly without fear of being censored or deleted.

Thanks for your time and attention,


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