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I am thinking of going to Dr. Woods or Dr. A for BHT


If I want to get a BHT (I know Woods says leg/armpit/beard hair is not used unless no other body hair is available or something like that, but maybe he will change his mind if I persist?), is Dr. Woods better or Dr. A?

I know Dr. A has more BHT experience at this point than any other surgeon in the world and his patients never complain of scarring. However, Dr. Woods has a different FUE technique.

Who is better between these two doctors – just for say a 1,000 graft BHT?

Also, is beard hair better than chest hair? I have a ton of beard hair, and above average chest hair.


I would also consider Dr. Umar in Rodondo Beach, Ca.

His 1000+ BHT are growing nicely, softening my 1990s HT hairline for well over a year now.

Perhaps go in for some FUE and do a BHT test to make sure you are happy with the result?
Can you spare any FUE or are you tapped out?

Just a thought.


I still think that BHT should be proceeded with caution. Sofar got a good result. Even Sofar agrees that a test should be completed first before a plunge.