Human study: Finasteride shown to reduce total cholesterol and LDL

Key takeaways from the study:


"4,791 participants met our inclusion criteria, from which 4,636 that did not take finasteride were compared to 155 participants that reported taking finasteride … subjects reporting the use of finasteride consistently presented lower levels of cholesterol than those not taking the drug … Similarly, LDL-C levels were lower in finasteride users except for those that were neither diagnosed with high cholesterol nor were taking cholesterol-lowering agents… finasteride consumption was associated with a reduction in blood glucose in those subjects diagnosed with liver condition …, diagnosed with diabetes, and currently taking antidiabetic medications …, and diagnosed with high blood cholesterol but not currently taking cholesterol-lowering medications .

Source: ScienceDirect Mar 2024
Finasteride delays atherosclerosis progression in mice and is associated with a reduction in plasma cholesterol in men - ScienceDirect


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