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How to effectively wound scalp


I have posted this before and gotten zero response.

I havent followed all the details of Follica and the research involved with it.

However i see the product procede all over TV. I do not beieve the product is any good. But supposedly it is essentially a dipilatory chemical similar to nair ( some kind of base ( sodium hydroxide perhaps?) I assume that “burns” hair off).

I think the idea why this might have whatever marginal effect it has is through a wounding type scenario. Similar to a chemical peel.

It would seem to me that if one wanted to try a home based effort to apply molecules to their scalp that was wounded that something of this nature would be effective in removing a few layers of skin without going overboard.

In fact if somebody would give me a condensed idea on what molecules are needed and how to procure them I might even do a home experiment of this sort.

Any thoughts on this?


Honestly I have no idea.

I’ve always thought physical abrasion like sandpaper would be the good way to experiment with smaller areas.

I really think anything large (like your whole balding area) would probably best be taken to a real dermatologist.

It’s not THAT much money. And the alternative is trying to do this wounding job yourself on a large, rounded, sensitive area of your body that you can’t even see or reach very well without help. And you’ve also gotta consistently do the damage to just the perfect depth across the whole wound area. Too shallow negates the gains, too deep risks permanent scar tissue forming.