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How much Nizoral cream do you apply?


When you apply the Nizoral cream on your scalp, how much do you apply? The second time I put it on, I used much less. It was maybe the size of a dime. I used no other topicals or supplements that day. A weird side effect I got was that I felt VERY sleepy in the morning. It wasn’t fatigue, more like a good sleeping pill. I actually slept through my alarm this morning, lol. I’ve only used it two times and already my peach fuzz is much thicker so I plan to stick with it.

Maybe I’m using too much or my body is just getting used to it. One I idea I had was use even less and mix it with shaving cream so it’ll cover a greater area. My other idea was to mix a good amount of Nizoral cream in my hand with an herbal shampoo when I take a shower, then wash it off. This way it’s like the Nizoral shampoo, but I won’t get the HCL and other harsh ingredients. It also might be less effective though.



Everything seems to be fine now. I mixed a nickel’s size of nizoral with some aloe vera all over my head this time, no problems.