How I treat my hair

I used so many shampoo,conditioner and oil to have a long hair. But I couldn’t do that. Then I know about Herbal H from my friend. Now I have a long hair.

your friend seems like a very smartboy! much like your husband now.

is this product for men only? I read that in libk :frowning:

Use proteins in your diet to take care of your hair.

Try properly wash with Oil shampoo and condition your hair. It is important to take care of your hair, as it is part of your body and a largely visible one at that!I used to have horribly fried hair and this works really great.

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What a legit thread.

For long hair a balanced diet is must, full of protiens, iron, minerals and a healthy food. Beside this Scalp Massage gives effective results and have many potential benefits, also helps in the blood circulation.