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How do you know if you are a good hair transplant candidate?


There are several people who are curious about surgical hair restoration. Many are find it to be a solution, while some remain to be over the fence about it. The question that would first come to mind would be: “how will you know if you are a good hair transplant candidate?”

I found this article and it detailed certain requirements that would make you an appropriate candidate for the procedure.

However, I would like to know if you guys have more to add?


Maybe it is good to be on the fence about this procedure. It is extremely limited due to donor availability
combined with most Doctors being very average, the whole thing is probably best avoided in my opinion


Thanks @ejj it does help to learn what others think, especially when hair transplant involves a big commitment, and let’s face it, it’s no cheap endeavor.


It really helps to have to know a bit about the procedure.Going through such vain is difficult for people like me.But having some information makes you ready for your next move.


I agree! Mishaps often come when people come in with less than the necessary information needed to make an informed decision. Cosmetic surgery creates life-changing results and it requires a good amount of money. Therefore, preparing yourself with the right knowledge allows you to be more prepared and it also protects you from substandard or botched outcomes!