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How about this hair? what do you think?

He appears to have some frontal thinning.

» He appears to have some frontal thinning.

what a weird thinning pattern, may be it’s the gel or hair products he used

Is this a real person? it looks weird, he looks like a cartoon character,

How is your regimen working???

» How is your regimen working???

I am convinced that either Propecia or Rogain causes a shed every 10 months or so. Other than that everything seems ok. Using lysine with Propecia helps, I see less fallout after adding lysine. That stuff is amazing, I don’t even get sore throat anymore ever since I started using lysine. One thing I will change is to use the unscented rogaine foam after my bottle runs out. The smell is nasty

this is a hairpiece

Def a hairpeice…

» this is a hairpiece
» »

don’t u think this is pretty good for a hairpiece?

» don’t u think this is pretty good for a hairpiece?]]

that is one of those shave the head glue on the hair, things they can look fantastic but…2000 bucks a year to maintain and go in every few weeks for an adjustment or else it start wobbling on your head as the side hair it is attached to grows out

How hard is it to shave your own head & glue on a 'piece?

It amazes me that those places can keep raking in such a killing on maintinence charges for minor stuff like that.

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