Houston...we got a problem

i started this.
now time to fix it

huh ??? :thinking:

transection of follicles is now completely out of control.
for a slither of hairline the entire donor is being sacrifiiced
removing individual 1mm follicles means there is no room for error.
being one tenth of a millimeter out will destroy the follicle.
i made an incredibly difficult procedure look easy…and no one wanted strip , or fut. anymore.
i started bht to repair damaged donors…now the new players are destroying that last resource…yes…there is a serious problem


Is this the real Dr. Woods posting? I thought he retired a long time ago already.

its me…im not retired
and i have not yet began to fight
as stated…i made something incredibly hard look too easy.
but its your head…your life…dont rush it or be fooled.
the devastation caused by mass production fue clinics is only surpassed by the misleading before and after shots.
Dr Woods

@Dr_Woods Mr good doctor, are you talking about the turkish and indian clinics?

the real Dr Woods’ account might have been hacked too

i am referring to any clinic worldwide that cannot and will not verify the numbers or protect and conserve the irreplaceable precious donor
you can check on your smart phone…but no one will let you…except us.
Dr Woods

It sounds like the real Dr Woods to me. But he’s been gone a long time. I can’t be sure.

rumours of my retirement are premature.
I made something incredibly hard look too easy…and that created a monster that I could no longer control…God knows I tried…it wasnt about a sharp tube…it was about the Art Passion and Care for the patient…anyone out there just needs to go back to my last posts…i think 2019 or 2020…I warned constantly about the dangers of mass production line fue clinics…but I was up against a billion dollar industry and gave up.
…And I said many times…a good strip or fut is better than a bad fue…
Anyone reading this with any historical interest can
repost my warnings.
What I am seeing is heartbreaking and thats why I am back…remember…all surgeons use scalpesl…in the right hands you are cured…in the wrong hands you are mutilated…same goes for my FUE…
And just to prove its me…who the hell came up with acronym FUT…makes me laugh every time I hear it

Dr Ray Woods.

Sounds very much like the typical fear mongering hate speech by US politicians.

btw I still think Dr Woods’ account has been hacked.

telling the truth is not fear mongering hate speech…and these terms are now weaponised
so tell me…debate me on any thing i said…but you cant and you wont…go back to your boss and think of something.

Yup. That’s the REAL Dr Woods alright.

Yes i think so, these posts are totally his style, he is the only one who would talk about transection of follicles so passionately. Where has he been hiding all these years?

when hundreds of clinics world wide , turkey india… china indonesia america south america australia Europe and lets not forget New Zealand…and tasmania…lordy lordy…way too much for a koala like me to bear.
so go to walmart…grab some paint…and create a masterpeice.
i am not hiding .i am your brother

metaphorically speaking…you are all friends and brothers…except for omar…hes a d,c

Whoa. Now I’m certain it’s the real Dr Woods.


This is getting old now, year 2024 and we are still hearing Dr. Woods’ rant.