Honeybee hair growth!

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A group of researchers recently published a study showing how bees can speed hair growth. The research was looking at a substance bees use to make hives. The substance is called propolis. Now, although honey has been used for medicinal purpose for years, little attention has been given to the other bee related substances. So what did the group find?

First, they did not look at hair loss treatment. In this case, they looked at hair growth and speeding up hair growth. So they shaved mice and put them in 2 groups. One group got the propolis topically and the other did not. Apparently, the propolis resulted in much faster hair growth.

So what is the take away? Dr. Rashid from the Mosaic Hair transplant team says "though this is a product with potential anti-inflammatory properties, and could speed hair growth, they do not think it treats hair loss per say. Thus, it may be a good potential adjunct or enhancement to current hair treatments. Or, some people just want hair to grow faster and this may be the solution. " Learn more about hair loss research by checking out the rest of our blog and website.

Very nice and useful information. Thanks for sharing this information.

Wow! This is very new to me, i have been using coconut oil for hair loss. I found it on the internet, a lot of articles about hair loss remedies and this is the first time i have read about honeybee for hair growth, specifically on the hives of the bees. I am interested on this. Looking forward to be reading more about this.