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Histogen Suspends Development of HST 001

I knew Histogen would fail. They announced this on their site:

  • HST 001 – we completed our strategic evaluation of the HST 001 program taking into consideration the results from our Phase 1b/2a clinical trial of HST 001 as announced earlier this year, and as a result, we will suspend development of this program. While HST 001 has demonstrated a favorable safety and tolerability profile in androgenic alopecia in men, the development resources required to potentially achieve an acceptable efficacy threshold are substantial in terms of cost and time. Therefore, we believe the best business decision at this time, is to redirect these resources towards our high value orthopedic programs.

By the way, the “HST 001” mentioned here is the product they also call HSC (Hair Stimulating Complex). After all these years of development, the law suits, the failed clinical trials around the world, and planned ones that never happened, last month they pulled the plug on this idea once and for all.

To show how people can keep their heads in the sand for years on bad ideas, look at what one HT clinic STILL says about Histogen’s HSC, on their website today:

"The next clinical trial of HSC is currently in planning stages, and is scheduled to begin in Singapore in early 2011, with plans for pan-Asian approval in 2014. Estimated U.S. market introduction of the injectable for hair regrowth in the treatment of male pattern baldness is 2015, with potential for earlier introduction in certain identified countries."

Lots of people believed in this stuff and others like it for way too long. Even as little as two months ago there were people right here on HairSite making posts about how they had faith in Histogen to come through. Now after 10+ years and untold millions of dollars spent, the product is totally dead, cancelled permanently because it doesn’t work, and never did.

Very demoralizing , one after another going bust.

This is Fk’d up, they are smart enough to be able to send Bezos and Branson to space and back but not smart enough to come up with a cure for hair loss?

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