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Histogen Photo


Link fast forwards you to best picture in the slide show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aliZkEuHtmk&t=20m27s


Video offers a lot of hope. She is very confident that this safe. So why does it take so long to bring to the market. If it is safe and obvious it works so why not bring it to the market faster. There has to be a country or island that would allow this to go forth! Makes no sense to drag something out for years.


Could this stuff actually dethrone minox and finast? I hope so! We’ve waited way too long for something more effective!


I wonder if you might still need to take at least a weak dose of Finasteride the rest of your life, because donor hair eventually often thins too.

But if the Histogen or Replicel techniques \\“re-set\\” hair follicles to a time when, say, you were a teenager, then it would take that much longer before they thin.

But if, say, you culture cells from your donor when you\\'re 45, and the resulting new hair from those multiplied cells are still destined to thin when your donor area thins, then you might have thinning hair as soon as ten-years later (I actually experienced thinning hair in my donor area when I was in my very late 40s, so I started taking DHT blockers, and that restored much of the lost thickness; but over the last fifteen years, the DHT blockers seem to be losing their effectiveness.

I tell you, this hair loss crap is relentless.


There’s a good chance it will be available in Mexico much sooner than the U.S. Perhaps 2 to 3 years from today.