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High blood pressure drugs


hello guys i was thinking today in my office why do some drugs for high pressure like minoxidil bimatoprost latanoprost etc work for hairloss too
i was thinking if is a colerration between these two and if we could try some other drugs (topical) that work for hypertension, there areso many drugs like adalat that reduce the pressure rapidly, after i search the net and found this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2305939/Male-baldness-Thinning-It-high-blood-pressure.html


its the other way around.

bald guys suffer the stress of an unappealing appearance and their heart takes the strain of that misery all their lives.

also since balding guys look unappealing, there is a tendency to not bother with staying in shape, exercise…etc. making it worse for the heart.