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Hey Hairsite, just leave thickeners & volumizers


why don’t you add the off topic forum without eliminating the thickeners and volumizers forum?

And here’s one of my reasons:

The guy who even asked you to remove the thickener and volumizer forum said that most guys here in the site don’t have enough hair to take advantage of volumizers and thickeners anyway. But David, most guys here don’t get great results from AVODART but you don’t eliminate the avodart discussions. My point is this: So what if volumizers and thickeners won’t help all of us…they might help some of us. You shouldn’t get rid of the forum just because most people can’t benefit from volumizers and thickeners that is not a good test for some guy to call for the elimination of a forum. I use the volumizers and thickeners forum so please leave it be. I am a person who could benefit from a really good volumizer and/or thickener. Also, many guys who have recovered some hair on top from transplantation might get a little more thickening if they add volimizers or thickeners.

So so what if everyone can’t benefit from volumizers and thickeners, many of us can. And we who can benefit from a volumizer and thickener forum need a place where we can post about the newest and best volumizer and thickener information.

Go ahead and add an off topic forum, but please leave the volumizer and thickener forum. I am planning on starting to test some of these volumizers and thickeners on myself in a few weeks and post my results. Please leave the volumizers and thickeners forum up for at least another month as I am already communicating with local salons for free test supplies so I can give my results and opinions.

Give me a chance to make the forum work, please.