Hey every1, Frodo the lying punk says I ripped people off

on RU. Let’s all agree that if that were ever proven David/Hairsite would not allow me here anymore, especially since I put the RU group together from people mostly at this site. David would not let me keep coming back if I had come in here organized a group and ripped people off. That’s just common sense. David has seen the evidence and all it is, is a bunch of rumor-mongering. David himself knows that nobody has ever proven that I ripped off anyone, and in fact, I have never ripped off anyone in my life.

Here’s how this lying crap got started. Years ago, guys got mad because I began saying that women don’t like bald guys. There was a freakshow woman here named JEAN and she took it personally (since she is a woman) that I was saying that women are too mean and shallow to treat bald men with the same fondness that women treat the guys with hair. She got mad and she would take exception to the stuff I was saying. A lot of guys here are really hardup for a woman so some of these guys here actually developed crushes on Jean and they started fighting with me because I was arguing with Jean and saying that women are superficial and selfish. These guys wanted to be “in” with Jean so they really got after me and I got back after them. It was big fighting and it was really nasty. It was punks.

It was in the middle of this melee that I found a way to get RU. I was the first to get it here. Other people tested my RU scientifically with tests that I think were called NMR’s or something like that. The RU i secured was real. It was tested by 2 or 3 or 4 people. I actually got RU and I was the first to do it. We were all having pos results but it started wearing off after about 4 - 6 months so we figured out that there must be some kind of preservation issues. The same as food has to be preserved to keep it from going bad a lot of medicines require preservation to keep it from going bad, but I don’t know how to do that. And I don’t want to spend anymore money on RU. All of the guys I did business with back then all know I am not a ripoff. The people who are cutting me down for being a ripoff never bought one thing from me. They are just liars who don’t like me (I hate them too). For example, look at Frodo, he has never bought anything from me and yet he talks about what a ripoff I am. He’s just a lying slanderous pig. he’s a punk who wants hair so he fights with me because he’s angry about hairloss and he wants to fight with someone. He’s a cowardly punk.

So originally, the people who fought with me and made stories about me ripping off with RU they started that cr@p because they didn’t like me saying derogatory things about women not liking bald guys, especially after Jean took it personally and she and I began fighting all the time about it. Guys jumped onto her side because they’re punks who auto-pilot defend women and some of these punks are hardup bald guys who can’t get women so they actually had crushes on Jean. Most if not all of those posters are gone now. So NOW people like Frodo just talk sh!t about me because they’re upset about hairloss so they want to fight and they don’t like my posts that women don’t like bald guys, and they are just used to slinging sh!t and they aren’t going to stop.

I suggests we ignore these punks and get down to the business of getting ps1. Nobody is going to get ripped off because Nobody is handling anyone else’s money and nobody will receive anyone else’s medicine. We will each pay the supplier on our own and we will each receive our own medicine.

after you got your own forum, you now want a second one?

kill yourself. I wish you would have done it. Do it now.


» kill yourself. I wish you would have done it. Do it now.
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that was in the past, my little friend. peep peep peep…maneless has spoken.:smiley:

i noticed they deleted all your crybaby posts in the HM forum

hiding in the topical forum i see :smiley: :smiley: