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Hey Boys..I Need Some Help


Hey dudes. I know this is off topic a bit, but I need some help. I am a NW7 who has had VERY clear skin. But this last 6 months I have had about 15 “ice-pick” scars happen on my nose from acne. Oil is just dripping out of the pores on my nose, but nowhere else. (sometimes there are huge oil “plugs” that cause the scar, sometimes the skin just falls off where NO pimple was present and causes a scar!) There is also an itch that seems to get worse if I eat ANYTHING with oil in it, wheat or sugar. (currently, I am 14 weeks into a candida cleanse which means no sugar, yeast, or junk foods, but STILL getting scars) So what is the deal do you think? I have been to about 3 doctors and 3 dermatologists, and they are ALL idiots. Anyone had this problem? Is it related to my MPB? Does anyone know of any herbs etc that would control the oil flow etc? Anyway, maybe someone can help. Ohh…and would Acell be able to clear acne scars? If so, how long off do u figure? Thanks in advance. P.S…this waiting for HM is ridiculous already.