HDC - Manchester Consultation - September 4

HDC Medical Trichology Centre is offering FREE no obligation Consultations in Manchester. The consultations will be held on the 4th of September 2007 at a centrally located hotel. Exact location to be announced soon.

The consultation will last approximately one hour.

It will consists of a detailed presentation on:

  1. Hair Transplantation Techniques explaining both Strip and FUE Methods
  2. The latest developments in the field of Hair Transplants
  3. Presentation of HDC results that will show you what to expect from your possible potential procedure.

Personal diagnostic evaluation for each patient’s case that will include:

  1. Exact Measurement of Density in the donor area with a Specialized micro camera
  2. Hairline design for those who need frontal Hair Replacement
  3. Estimation of number of grafts needed to fill up the gaps or thinning hair
  4. Estimation of cost for achieving the desired goals

At the end of the consultation there will be a discussion about the issues that each individual wants to discuss.

To register,
call toll free: 0808 234 7929
or email info@hdc.com.cy

HDC presently enjoys the 3rd highest ranking in terms of patient results posted in HairSite.
To see some of HDC’s results, please go to www.hdc.com.cy