HDC Hair Transplant Clinic – FUE Result 0 – 7 months – Dr Christina Vrionidou

This 53-year-old patient wanted to increase the density in the front triangle starting from hairline.
HDC hair Transplant Clinic, transplanted 2800 grafts to cover this area, as you can see in the post op photos below.
We show the development of this hair transplantation from before to 7 months after.
Dr Christina Vrionidou was responsible for this surgery.
What is important apart from the good result, is the donor correct management so as not to have visible reduction in density and the fast post op recovery. HDC hair Clinic has a special post operation care protocol, that you can see details in this video.


Immediately after

2 weeks after

2 months after

3 months after

5 months after

7 months after