HDC Hair Clinic- Scalp and Beard - 3633 FUE Grafts - Front and Crown

Hello Everybody,

This patient had a previous strip and FUE procedure and he came to HDC for re enforcing his hair on top and cover the crown.

Due to his limited donor from previous surgeries HDC Hair Clinic decided to use some of his beard hair so as to cover both areas.

The surgery took place as described below?

3 days surgery

1st day FUE scalp 1423
2nd day 527 scalp FUE and Beard 610
3rd day 520 Scalp FUE and Beard 553

Total of FUE Scalp 2470
Total of Beard 1163
Total no of Grafts 3633

You can see his result 18 months after the surgery.






great result and amazing coverage for 3600 grafts… did the beard extraction leave any dimples or scarring on his face? Thanks.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by CueBallBob[/postedby]
great result and amazing coverage for 3600 grafts… did the beard extraction leave any dimples or scarring on his face? Thanks.[/quote]

Hi CueBallBob,

When the patient visited the clinic as you can see on the photo below he was holding a beard style look therefore we could not tell him to shave it to take photos. He says that there is no visible scarring at all.

Below you can see as well another case that shows the invisible scarring after beard extractions in the you tube video link.


I looked at the youtube video. I have to say it’s a little hard to believe that three days after the procedure, not only were there no scars, there was no redness or any indication that beard hairs were extracted. Maybe this guy has amazing healing powers, but in my experience, the human body does not operate this way. I would love to hear comments about this. Thanks.

I have had somewhere around 5000 beard grafts extracted in 4 separate surgeries, and in only three days you will have almost no noticeable signs that any grafts were extracted. It is quite amazing, I have to say so myself.

Who did your procedures? Are you happy? Have you posted pics? Thanks.

Iv’e also had very successful surgeries with Dr Maras at HDC, both scalp and beard, and yes the healing is very quick.

Alex, is George still with you? Iv’e tried to contact him by email and Skype but without success.


Did the extraction of hair from the beard leave any permanent marks or dimples in your face? Thanks.

Hi CueballBob, I’ve had beard surgeries in India with Dr Arvind Poswall and Dr Maras in Cyprus. neither left any scarring and healed very quickly.


Did you have any hair extracted above the jawline? I am looking to have hair extracted from my face, but am afraid of scarring. I was wondering how I should approach this.

I saw Dr. Maras’ results of extracting from the face. It looked amazing…zero scarring.


I’ve heard that beard hair is not recommended for the hairline region because the quality and nature of the beard hair is too different.

But what about beard hair for the temples? I imagine if you keep the hair on your temples fairly short, it would work ok.

Any thoughts?