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Have you guys ever heard of this?




Can’t say that I have Tony. I need to read more.


» http://mcleaninstitute.com/hairloss.htm

Yes I have and I think the basic concepts are very interesting. I have heard great things about this generally for dealing with lax ligaments. The idea is to injure tissue to start a regenerative process. It was introduced many decades ago by injection of organic solvents but was thought to be too dangerous. I saw an aids patient on TV who had lipodistrophy and lost fat in his face. He had injection of a solvent and gained a great deal of fullness back to his facial features. Now they are using vitamins rather than “tissue insult” but I would think the effects are diluted.




» » http://mcleaninstitute.com/hairloss.htm
Interesting, but the pictures look fake to me. Too small and you can almost see photoshop at work in some of them. If the treatment really worked, I’ll expect them to have tons of great documentation.