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Have you gone completely insane?

I can’t beleive my eyes!!! I just found out about this ‘celebrity forum’ and i’m honestly horrified by the comments I read so far. I am sorry and I know I am going to get a lot of stick for this post.

You guys behave exactly like the kind of people tha make our life difficult if not impossible because of hair loss. You criticize the movie stars that wear wigs and completely destroy the ones that don’t.

Shit man!! I honestly thought that people like john the revelator would never post in such a forum. I really don’t get it guys.

I might agree with those who think that many movie stars are projecting a false image of themselves but I really don’t see how you can treat people that wear wigs as inferior.

Yes I wore a piece for a year and it was the most expensive farrell system. It’s been a traumatising experience that made realize how superficial and judgemental people can be. Now I shaved my head, still I have a lot of respect for guys that wear wigs. I don’t stare at them. I don’t comment on them. I don’t try to get some perverse revenge by ‘exposing’ them. I understand what they are going through.

Said that, I find very difficult to believe that some of you regard baldness as such a stigma or a repulsive disease that you fail to realize that 99% of guys that have a full head of hair would give absolutely everything to look like Calum Best.

I mean are you crazy? Have you seen the guy? He is perfect!! (I’m straight by the way)

He hasn’t got a penny to his name but girls go crazy for him because he is a goergeous looking man with or without his hair.

Head size and shape, bone structure, face balance and a masculine jaw are what make most man look good. Not freaking hair!!!

They might came handy to look better or more normal in case you haven’t been blessed with good looks.

As far as the hair systems are concerned most of the guys you are tryng to expose are wearing a farrell. (Travolta for sure).

There you go I said it. Now you can rip me apart if you like.

I agree with your comments though.
Just remember,guys who make fun of your baldness do so because they are insecure & make themselves feel superior by belittling you.
Don’t upset yourself over this category or it’s contents.This category is only something to look at or post on when you are REALLY bored.

It’s all in good fun bro.

We are all in a similar boat here.


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