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Hasson & Wong hair transplant result Vancouver - FUT 5833 - NW5A - id1939


Hasson & Wong hair transplant result Vancouver, Canada.

Case profile and images provided by and posted on behalf of Hasson & Wong.

Dr. Jerry Wong
Patient - male
Norwood - class 5A
Technique - strip FUT
5833 grafts.

“Age Appropriateness” is always an important consideration when it comes to hair transplant. It is bad practice to give every patient a thick head of hair with a low hairline. An experienced doctor will design a hair transplant that is appropriate for the patient’s age, facial structures among other factors. In addition, very often, “less-is-more” is an effective strategy for any hair transplant design especially for patients with severe baldness and insufficient donor supply.

Here we have another Hasson & Wong’s result that has provided good coverage very effectively for the patient without utilizing a large number of grafts.

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Amazing result!