Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Canada 4699 grafts FUE, 11 months

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Dr. Hasson
Male patient
FUE 4699 grafts
Norwood 3/4

This Vancouver-area patient in his early 40’s approached Hasson & Wong in the hopes of restoring density to his frontal zone, mid-scalp and crown. He first began to lose his hair around the age of 25, and he gradually progressed to a Stage III Vertex on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale, characterized by recession in the temples and thinning of the crown. Without intervention, he was likely to progress to a Stage VI.

Upon review of this patient’s case, Dr. Hasson determined that he was a good candidate for a large-scale FUE procedure dedicated to rebuilding his frontal zone and crown. He also recommended that the patient start using Finasteride in order to minimize further hair loss.

During the course of a two-day FUE procedure, Dr. Hasson and his team successfully harvested 4699 grafts that were transplanted into his hairline, frontal zone and crown. Of these grafts, 300 were singles, 2485 were doubles and 1914 were multi-hair grafts.

These photographs were taken approximately 11 months post-op,

Anthony Constantinou | Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says There is only a one solution to this problem i.e. Hair transplant. Because no medicines or oil can give you positive results.

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The results of 4699 grafts of FUE in the 11 months looks awesome that is amazing to see such a great results …