Hasson & Wong FUE hair transplant 4855 grafts

Hasson & Wong, Vancouver Canada. A Top Ranked #1 clinic of all time in Canada according to HairSite patient statistics of 10 years.

This Vancouver area patient in his late 30’s approached Hasson & Wong in hopes of restoring his frontal zone, mid-scalp crown. He began to lose his hair in his mid to late 20’s. Transforming a class 5A-6 for male pattern baldness can be no easy task. Very few if any other clinics can achieve a result of this magnitude with all the necessary boxes checked. Thankfully for him he decided to do some research online and eventually met with Dr. Hasson to discuss his opinions and get a good idea of what could be accomplished.

This procedure was a typical 2 day process as is the case for most FUE procedures of 3,000 grafts or more. Day one resulted in a graft count of 2609 with day 2 yielding 2246 grafts making the total FUE count 4855. For the day 1 procedure, 300 were singles hair grafts, 1826 were doubles and 483 were 3-4 hair grafts. The day 2 procedure consisted of 1569 doubles and 677 3-4’s hair grafts. To rebuild a hairline, usually around 300 single hair grafts are required to create the most natural looking result. For work in parts of the frontal zone, mid-scalp and crown, the more double and 3-4 hair grafts, the better the density and volume. Only larger hair grafts are carefully selected for these areas. With FUE, we can select only the type of grafts we need for a particular case. To execute this result while still leaving the donor area virtually pristine is no easy task but Dr. Hasson and his highly qualified staff are always up for the challenge.

The end result was a major success and the patient was very happy with the outcome. So happy that he has asked us to put him online to share his result for other perspective patients to evaluate. These photos were taken 1 year after the 2 day procedure.

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