Hasson & Wong FUE hair transplant 4500 grafts FUE 24 months

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Dr. Hasson’s patient
4500 grafts FUE
24 months post op photos

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For this patient, like many others, hair loss ran in his family as his father suffered a similar hair loss fate. Based on his genetics and visits to the mirror, he figured it was only a matter of time for him and around the age of 25, he decided to do something about it and look into a hair transplant. He had seen Hasson and Wong online and after trying PRP (platelet rich plasma treatment) with very little success, he decided to go to the clinic to see one of our doctors for a consultation.

Upon meeting with Dr. Hasson, it was determined he would be an excellent candidate for a hair restoration procedure as he had above average donor hair with a manageable area to retore. A proposed treatment plan of around 4000 to 4,500 grafts via FUE was recommended with the plan being to rebuild a new hairline and restore any necessary areas of the frontal zone moving into the mid-scalp as far back as needed.

This patient would end up having his FUE procedure over the course of two days in March 2019. The first day’s harvest consisted of 350 single hair grafts, 1760 double hair grafts and 390 3-4 hair grafts for a total of 2500 grafts. Day two consisted of 1422 doubles and 578 3-4’s for the second day total of 2000 grafts. The grand total for the two-day procedure was 4500 FUE grafts.

Free consultation - email info@hassonandwong.com