Hasson & Wong FUE hair transplant 3058 grafts, 20 months

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Dr. Hasson Patient
3058 grafts FUE
Male patient
Mid 30s
20 months post op

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This patient in his mid to late 30’s started to become increasingly bothered by his receding hairline about a year prior to his initial visit to Hasson and Wong.

Having never tried any previous treatments for his hair loss, he decided it was time to enlist the services of Dr. Hasson for his guidance as to what may be possible.

Evaluation of his case at the clinic resulted in a recommendation of around 2,500 to 3,000 grafts using the FUE method of extraction to restore the hairline and any necessary areas of the frontal zone. With good donor hair and a very manageable area to restore, Dr. Hasson felt he was a very good candidate and that he could rebuild a new hairline with the required density creating a result that would transform his appearance and allow for any styling option.

Hairline placement would ultimately determine the final number of grafts required and the agreed upon hairline placement and design would eventually require 3058 grafts. The procedure was completed in one day and of the 3058 total, 300 were single hair grafts, 1512 were doubles and 1246 were 3-4 hair grafts.

Free consultations - email info@hassonandwong.com