Hasson & Wong 4586 grafts FUE, less-is-more age appropriate look

Hasson & Wong, Vancouver, Canada
4586 grafts FUE

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The age appropriate “less is more” look is not easy to do because it is near impossible to camouflage flaws or imperfections in the hair transplant.

Here we have a result from Dr. Hasson that is as natural as it gets with no signs of hair transplant whatsoever; another testament to the craftsmanship of the Hasson & Wong team.

Dr. Hasson and team completed the transformation using 4586 grafts using the FUE method of extraction over consecutive days. 2277 grafts were extracted on Day 1 consisting of 250 single hair grafts, 1178 doubles and 849 3-4 hair grafts. 2309 grafts for Day 2 included 200 singles and 2109 doubles.

Free consultation - email: info@hassonandwong.com