Hasson & Wong 4527 + 3820 = 8347 grafts FUT norwood 5

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Dr. Hasson
Male patient - norwood 5
Two procedures
1st procedure 4527 grafts FUT
2nd procedure 3820 grafts FUT
Total = 8347 grafts

Originally from Washington, USA, this patient in his mid 30’s came to Hasson and Wong in order to restore density to his thinning hairline, frontal zone and crown.

He first started losing his hair around the age of 28, and rapidly progressed to a Stage IIIV on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale. His hair loss manifested in the form of diffuse pattern alopecia – meaning that he was experiencing diffuse thinning across his frontal zone, mid-scalp and crown, with a stable donor area. Without surgical intervention, he would likely have progressed to a Stage VI.

As is the case with most hair transplant candidates, this patient’s hair loss had dealt a major blow to his self confidence and was a source of constant anxiety in his day-to-day life. Up to this point, however, the patient had taken no concrete steps to address the issue.

This patient’s case was relatively straightforward and posed no significant challenges to Dr. Hasson. However, it is worth noting that this patient required two surgeries and an unusually high number of grafts (8347 FUT in total) in order to receive the density and coverage he was looking for. This is most likely attributable to high expectations on the part of the patient, and was made possible by his above-average scalp laxity and dense donor hair.

The first surgery was a 4527-graft FUT surgery dedicated to rebuilding his hairline and frontal zone. The second was a 3820-graft FUT surgery aimed at restoring his crown.