Hasson & Wong 4228 grafts FUE hair transplant - 1 yr post op

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Dr. Hasson’s patient
Early 30s
4228 grafts FUE
12 months post op

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Patient in his early 30’s chose Hasson and Wong after doing extensive research. His decision was also influenced by a friend that recommended he see Dr. Hasson.

Starting to lose his hair at the age of 18, it was roughly 15 years later when he decided to do something about it. The plan was for Dr. Hasson and team to rebuild the hairline and frontal zone working back into the mid-scalp as necessary. 4228 grafts via FUE were harvested.

These result photos were sent in by the patient about 1 year post-op.

Some comments he also added with the photos:

“It was around 6 months it really started to thicken up. I got a haircut a couple days ago, so the sides are pretty short. There is no visible scaring in the donor area and you can’t tell there have been any hairs extracted. Overall I would say that I am super happy with the results (was a great last minute decision to go with FUE vs. the originally planned FUT too).”

Free consultation - email info@hassonandwong.com