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Hasson & Wong 4010 grafts FUE, Norwood 3 temple and hairline recession

Hasson & Wong - a Top 3 hair clinic of ALL TIME on HairSite.com based on 10 years of patient result statistics.

Male patient
Norwood 3 , hairline and temple recession
FUE 4010 grafts
2 day procedure

This Vancouver-area patient in his mid 20’s came to us bothered by his weak hairline with receded corners. With above average donor hair and manageable areas of concern, Hasson determined he was a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure. With either method of extraction a consideration, he opted for FUE.

During the course of the two-day procedure, Dr. Hasson and his team successfully harvested a total of 4010 grafts. Upon initial observation it might seem that something in the 2,000 to 2,500 graft range would suffice. However, considering all factors, Dr. Hasson was able to be a little more aggressive with hairline design. This coupled with the fact the recession in the corners extended deep into the frontal zone and even parts of the mid-scalp (more evident in the post-op pic) , the higher number was warranted. Day 1 of the harvest and implantation consisted of 2505 grafts with 300 being single hair grafts,1833 being doubles and 372 being 3-4 hair grafts. Day 2: 1505 total, 1182 doubles, 323 3-4 hair grafts.

These photos were taken approximately 1 year post-op.

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