Hasson & Wong 3898 grafts FUT Norwood 3

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Male patient
Norwood 3
Receding hairline

This UK-based patient in his mid 20’s travelled to Vancouver in the hopes of addressing his receding hairline and thinning frontal zone with the help of Hasson & Wong. He started losing his hair around the age of 20, due to a genetic proclivity to male pattern hair loss on both sides of his family. His hair loss progressed at a fairly slow pace – gradually putting him at a Stage 2 on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale. He had good, dense donor hair and above-average scalp laxity – making him a suitable candidate for the FUT extraction technique.

Dr. Hasson and his team successfully harvested 3898 grafts during a single FUT procedure. These grafts were used to rebuild his hairline and frontal zone. 1040 of these grafts were singles, 2737 were doubles and 121 were 3-4-hair grafts