Hasson & Wong 3014 grafts FUE - NW 3V-4, mid 30s

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Dr. Wong FUE hair transplant patient
3014 grafts FUE
early 30s
Norwood class 3V - 4
Approx 17 months post op

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This Vancouver area patient had started to experience some hair loss in his mid-20’s. By the time he felt it was time to do something about it, he was in his early 30’s. Upon further research and reading testimonials online, he decided a consultation with Dr. Wong would be the first step in achieving his goals.

After the visit with Dr. Wong, it was advised he start Finasteride to preserve and possibly improve the crown with the option to improve the hairline at the same time. The patient gave the medication a try over the next couple of years and after some improvement, he decided it was time to restore the hairline and add some density to the crown. While the medication did improve the crown, it was not enough for his satisfaction.

The updated plan was to address both the hairline and the crown. While the loss was not extensive, the hairline had weakened and receded a bit and the temple points had eroded. The new plan would be to reduce the recession by restoring a stronger hairline. Rebuilding of the temple points would also enhance the result by creating a better framing.

Using the FUE method of extraction, Dr. Wong and team used 3014 grafts to complete restore the aforementioned areas. 319 of these grafts were single hair units, 1634 were doubles and 1061 were 3 hair grafts. These photos were taken approximately 17 months post-op.

Free consultations - email info@hassonandwong.com