Hasson & Wong 3004 grafts FUE results

Hasson & Wong Hair Clinic, Vancouver, Canada.

This local patient in his mid-30’s from Vancouver British Columbia was looking to restore his receding hairline which was becoming an increasing burden to his self-esteem. On the surface, his hair loss was not significant and the average person would not likely look at him as if he was losing his hair. However, even in similar cases with minimal loss, a patient can be extremely bothered by what seems to others as non-concerning. Adversely affected by his receded hairline, he finally decided to take the necessary steps to address it with a visit to Hasson and Wong.

At the initial consultation Dr. Hasson determined that with above average donor hair and a relatively small area to restore, he would be able to achieve his typical high density while also lowering the hairline to the most desired location. He felt something in the 3,000 graft range would be sufficient to execute the plan and that FUE would be the recommended method of extraction. The one day procedure proved the estimate to be spot on as 3004 grafts were ultimately used to put the transformation in motion. The breakdown revealed 300 were single hair grafts, 1804 were double hair grafts and 900 were 3-4 hair grafts to make up the total. These post-op photos were taken the day of the patients follow up visit to the clinic 10 months after his procedure.

No longer adversely affected by his eroding hairline, the patient was extremely pleased with his results and the positive impact it has had on his overall all well-being. He was happy to share his result if it might inspire other potential patients who may be experiencing similar distress over their receding hairline and what can be possible.

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Such a fabulous result of only 3004 grafts of FUE hair transplant surgery…

Cool result. Most likely you also used PRP to supplement the transplant.