Hasson and Wong FUE hair transplant 2429 grafts FUE, NW5 - id1927

Hasson and Wong FUE hair transplant, Vancouver Canada.

Male patient
Norwood 5
Dr. Jerry Wong’s patient
FUE procedure
2429 grafts.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. The main selling points of FUE are no wide linear strip scar, less invasive surgery and relatively faster healing time than traditional strip technique.

The before and after photos below are perfect example showing Hasson and Wong’s FUE results are just as remarkable as their highly acclaimed strip FUT results.

One of the most frequently asked questions about FUE is how clean is the patient’s donor site. An inexperienced FUE doctor may tend to leave a somewhat chewed up donor site with visible tiny white dots all over. But as you can see from the photos below, Dr. Wong’s FUE skills are top notch leaving this patient with a near flawless pristine donor site.

Hasson and Wong has been an anchor on HairSite for well over 10 years. One of the very few sponsoring clinics on HairSite that has been able to produce consistent results over such an extended period of time.

Contact info@hassonandwong.com or visit www.hassonandwong.com to find out free of charge if you are a good candidate for FUE or Strip FUT hair transplant procedure, treatment details and approximate cost.

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Wow… incredible coverage for the amount of grafts… do you have any pics of placement of the grafts in the front third? thanks.

:+1: :+1: Finally get to see FUE results from H&W , we have waited long enough.

Hard to believe, Hasson & Wong and FUE in the same sentence !

Manual FUE or ARTAS?

Thanks for the comments guys!

CueBall Bob: I have included a post-op shot which shows both areas of restoration. I agree, impressive result with 2429 grafts.

Norwood3: More to come.

Stitchmeup: Manuel. Quoted from our website: “We quickly discovered we could manually harvest grafts with a much higher rate of success in both quality and efficiency. We were also able to leave the donor area with much less damage than the Artas robot. This significantly increased the ability for the patient to wear his or her hair short without any material signs of a procedure and also increased the percentage of viable grafts that could be harvested from the donor area in subsequent procedures if needed.”

That seems to be the consensus around here, the more experienced doctors all think that a robot cannot replace the human touch when it comes to FUE.

There you go, this is from a well respected clinic who had tried ARTAS and decided to do FUE manually in the end. This should end the ARTAS vs manual FUE debate once and for all.

How much time elapsed between the procedure and the taking of the after photos? Also, can you provide the actual hair count per graft?

I am about 5 months post-op with about the same amount of grafts and my coverage isn’t nearly as good.


Correct me if I am wrong but I heard an ARTAS robot cost over $200K, for H&W to tried ARTAS and to abandon it in favor of manual FUE, this speaks volume about H&W 's work and integrity.