Hairsite please put together another Q & A with Team Tsuji

I know that HLT got Team Tsuji to agree to a Q & A with the posters at that site but I don’t know if Hairsite ever did. If Hairsite did could we please do it again so we can get an update? If Hairsite hasn’t done it then would Hairsite be willing to try doing it.

It’s a pretty simple formula - the site introduces itself to Team Tsuji and ask them if they would be willing to answer some written questions from the posters at the site. They’ve said yes in the past to at least one site.

It’s time for an update. Or maybe we should wait until April 1 because last they gave out news they said they planned to start human studies in March. But even if we wait until April to submit the questions we should still start the ball rolling now. It takes a few months to organize it and prepare the questions if I remember correctly.

I’m itching for some news.