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HairSite: Is an Interview with Dr. Cotsarelis or Dr. Garza Possible?


just pm him and or gansterboy aka boldy in member directory, they were graphical from what I recall and perhaps HNMR and HPLC, and 3rd party, he can direct you on the specifics and share a copy or where u can see it. Still have to be read of course by someone who can.


Trying to get an interview with Cots is a noble aspiration but I have my doubts about its usefulness. I think the guy already says as much as he intends to reveal about his research as it is. Aside from perhaps getting him to loosen up and surprise himself with what he says, I don’t expect to get anything significant out of him that he hasn’t said already. He chooses his public comments about his research too carefully.


it’s worth a shot, particularly with both Cots and Garza, nothing to lose, but end up right back where things are now, so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • they may even stick around or come back on their own, as some members find chat addictive, or perhaps take up idea of promoting the hair societies to join the private they are part of, any connection at this point is progress:-)


This. He will never say anything that isn’t public information, nor will he try to help us run our “home experiments”.


He has never been asked the HARD questions by news reporters who don’t even know the subject, and are all falling over themselves with how to spin an article with title of hair loss cure indeed, should be rather interesting or don’t expect more,
if not interested don’t tune in.


Roger as this does get underway, a list of questions have developed on the thread about this thread here of yours and linking to this thread in the main room of the private forum, please consider checking it and considering their questions as well for Dr. Cotsarelis and Dr. Garza.

they are questions from top posters of all the sites.

you will find the thread under “view active topics” or just ask on entering.


FollicleSherlock, as far as I know, I haven’t been admitted to “the private forum” yet. I did apply to become a member, but apparently my application was never responded to, or at least I haven’t seen a response.

In any event, I am not big on checking hair loss forums apart from HairSite. I am a very busy person and I don’t have the time to go around floating from forum to forum, much less to become a regular on all of them.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by roger_that[/postedby]
FollicleSherlock, as far as I know, I haven’t been admitted to “the private forum” yet. I did apply to become a member, but apparently my application was never responded to, or at least I haven’t seen a response.

In any event, I am not big on checking hair loss forums apart from HairSite. I am a very busy person and I don’t have the time to go around floating from forum to forum, much less to become a regular on all of them.[/quote]

you were admitted & account setup soon after Dr. Nigam and over 100 hairsite members joined to add to best members from all other sites, that is funny, you should have gotten an email, perhaps check your email spam folder, case goes for anyone else who signed up like poster Appleguy and didn’t get in, your acts was set up June 23rd Roger you have pm’s in your box there to, as many members from there and hairsite regulars were sending you pm’s cos no pm here or live chatbox, but people still use both forums, just there for pm box & chatbox can’t use here. Anyway if it isn’t in your spam, figure you do what the rest of people do, just go to site and log in or email admin from site. I am not admin there, but site should work for you.

one of last places with pms cos hlh just got rid of their pms to.


And I’m telling you that I don’t have the bandwidth for other hair loss sites, private messages, and all that.

After registering for that site, I checked my email in every way, shape and form, including my spam folder, day after day, and could find nothing remotely resembling a response from that website. I’ve done all kinds of searches in my archive and folders on every possible rendering of their name I can think of, and nothing came up.

I really don’t have the time to spend much more effort in finding their invite, re-registering, contacting the site admin, or whatever else it would take for me to join that site. To be honest I don’t have a huge amount of interest in it at this point. Whatever news surfaces on there will appear here after a few days latest, or possibly even before it appears there. I have a very busy, very active life and try not to spend all my time on a bunch of hair loss websites. One is doing quite enough for me right now.

If I find an email, in my thousands of emails in that inbox, that appears to be from that site, I’ll pursue it, but I’m not going to spend hours looking for the damn thing. It’s not that important to me.



this is address email would of came from or to send to I suspect as well, that is why it may of thrown you off. If you care to like you say look or get around to it, it should show up if run email search from email search box. But frankly, sure you can just go over to site with your username and password and log in otherwise I expect like anyone else can or follow link in email.


OK, thanks. I just noticed it and sent him a message asking how I can get on there. I honestly didn’t even save my username and password. I really don’t have the time to be drawn into lengthy discussions on other sites, though. I see this site, HairSite, as being enough for my needs.


Roger, you’ve been approved on that site, I can see your handle.


your username is roger_that, people are suppose to sign up as name on sites as you did.

right now forum is serving an unexpected secondary function as a free pm system for members of this site, baldtruth & now hlh since none of the foregoing have a pm system any longer and the private doesn’t compete with them, as non revenue generating site with no ads, right now it’s directing some traffic here by having a few threads doing further discussion about threads here like this one.,. in addition to regular items…anyway, all hairsite members are listed in member directory there that have joined, but you can see top most active posters listed on Dr. Nigams thread there, just ask on chat box if you don’t see his current thread.

anyway, regarding this topic, I have had people such as Desmond84 the most prominent poster on baldtruth ask over on the private site today if there is anything at all he can do to assist in making this possible to please let him know over there in the private site by pm on the thread there, as he is completely supportive of this project of yours and your efforts here. So you may want to hit him up if you or hairsite needs additional help.


What is the story with this? Have they agreed?


Garza was Pres. and assume still member of North American Hair Society.& Cotsarelis belongs to it as well one expects as does anyone who is serious about hair research that is N.A. based.

the stated objective of N.A. hair society is

to provide a base to help meet its objectives of promoting the dissemination of state of the art knowledge on hair biology and to establish links with other international hair research societies and to arrange combined meetings on a periodic basis to educate both colleagues and the public on hair biology and the pathophysiology and treatment of hair related conditions.
With the idea to foster greater enhanced communication between bench scientists, clinicians, industry, patient support societies.

as long as that is their objective, simply contact the N.A. Hair Society and request their presence here or in the private forum if it can’t be arranged here for a public venue and lets get on with this.

or make an application to be a member if that is what you want and ask them yourself at next meeting or however they arrange contact

here is N.A. hair society http://nahrs.org/Membership.aspx

here Garza is on their Board of Directors until 2016 http://nahrs.org/AboutTheNAHRS.aspx along with many other names you’ve heard, I think one was Dr. Chriastiano and others you may want to invite to speak here or in the private forum.

Point being contact the N.A. Hair Society to get this going to


FollicleSherlock, I think you’re giving WAY too much importance to these so-called “hair societies”. They aren’t what you think. These researchers don’t work for these societies day-to-day. The societies don’t have the right or the power to grant an interview with these researchers. Most of these academic societies are just minor sideline activities for these doctors and researchers. Whatever anyone says (including their members), these academic societies are of vastly less importance than you seem to think. I won’t get into the details as to why, but trust me on this.

On the other hand, trade associations like the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), which is not a true academic “society”, but a lobbying group whose purpose is to promote the commercial interests of their members, ARE very powerful. But the ISHRS are not involved directly in the research we’re trying to learn more about.


Dr. Garza is currently on the Board of Directors and was past Pres. for North American Hair Society, so in his case their agenda and stated goals may mean more than the casual member, Reason I mentioned them, is that what you propose is fitting with their stated goals of reaching out to the public explaining hair physiology and related concepts I listed above. Granted the society may not occupy his day to day agenda and may not dictate what he does with his schedule, however as part of it at a senior level it may be another avenue instead of reaching out just directly to his clinic or laboratory that is perhaps commercial in interest only?

Finally where are we at with this invitation of Dr.Garza and Dr.Cotsarelis?

Secondly, Roger, you are missing out on the excitement right now about the HHAG trial, that is what is going on in the private room hourly with updates on progress and related growth factors. However I understand if you are on a limited schedule with visiting sites, it just would be great to have your input, but the growth trial is in it’s 2nd month looking at pics being posted now on one of the participants & another joining the trial, that is where all the excitement is right now on all the forums on those threads.


What’s happening with this, have garza or cotsarelis responded and have they been contacted, and how?


i think dr Nigam can help because he met him in scotland last may


Roger_that is an update available?