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Hairlove: 5 year hair transplant update!

It has been a while.Thought I should drop by and update everyone.
Thanks Dr Arvind.

Another one!

Nice, very unusual cause I think we normally don’t get to see the Armani style hairline from Arvind.

That’s a nice head of hair for sure but aren’t there supposed to be photos of what your hair looked like before surgery? Sorry if I am reading your post wrong.

You can find his earlier posts and discussions here about his procedure with Dr. Arvind



Below are some of his pics BEFORE his procedure:



AFTER - 5 YEARS post op

Hi Hairlove,

Thanks so much for sharing your 5 year update. I looked up your older photos from before your surgery with Dr. Arvind and did a side by side comparison here.

The picture below speaks for itself !! CONGRATS !!

Thanks, why did he say this is a repair? I don’t see scars or anything from these photos.

How many grafts to get that frontal covered for him? FUE?

Thank you hairsite.

To answer some questions, I am a repair patient as my first hair transplant was very noticeable and low yield, I was left with scarring in the recipient area and depletion of donor area- my guess is I lost 1000- 1500 grafts. Then I found Dr A who did a great job on me. It has been 5 years, I now live in US and plan to return to him in near future for FUSE into thinning areas behind the transplant and into the scar.

Hairlove, congrats! Still looking good after half a decade :slight_smile:

Did you go to a US doctor for your first hair transplant?

Hi YM,
My first HT was with a doctor in India.

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