Hairline Specialist Shortlist

Hello all!

Which clinics/doctors would you say are amongst the best in Europe for hairlines with FUT? At the moment, I am due to visit the usual suspects in Belgium (with Drs Feriduni and Devroye leading the competition so far) and I have been recommended another in Switzerland called Hattingen Hair Clinic. Apparently they are very good at FUT. I will consult with them too. If anybody else has any other FUT recommendations that deliver excellent hairlines and are based in Europe, please let me know what they are.


I have seen very good hairline work from Mwamba (Belgium) and HDC in Europe.

Hattingten andFerudini both are excellent choices… don’t know much about Dr Devroy if you want to restrict yourself to Europe.
:blush:And remember I am recommending them besides they being my competition.
Dr. A

I just realised that you are asking for strip fut.
My advice is to go for fue… ask the above named doctors.
Dr A

Why FUT ?

Dr A - Thanks for the reply. I find it strange that you can recommend that I go for FUE when you haven’t even seen me. Also Hattingen is an FUT clinic which makes your recommendation even stranger.

Quepasa - Thanks also. Dr Mwamba is on my list as he is in Belgium. I will visit all the main doctors in Belgium. HDC is primarily an FUE clinic and I would also prefer to avoid the UK as they are typically more expensive and, in my opinion, not as good as their continental counterparts.

How about Turkey? I see there are a lot of Turkish clinics doing hair transplants now all of a sudden. I suspect their prices must be very appealing.

Most of the Turkish clinics do FUE only.

@TrixGlendevon I am curious why you prefer FUT ?

I did my hair transplant (FUE) in Lisbon, at MasterGroup with Dra. Barbara Costa, and I could not be more satisfied.

@Steve78 @stitchmeup @TrixGlendevon @Norwood3 @NunoSilva

As an individual who has had my entire head of hair restored and someone who has been in this industry for 12 years, the best advice that I can give you is to choose your doctor and your clinic based on the quality and consistency of his results and only based on their results. Many have made the mistake in thinking that all hair transplant doctors are the same, so they choose a clinic that is located nearby because it is convenient, or they go with the cheapest clinic to save money.

Choosing a clinic based on location:

This is a result that will be clearly visible on the top of your head for the rest of your life. Many of today’s top clinics in the United States will reimburse you for travel cost, and you can leave for home the very next day after the procedure, so all in all you are looking at a 3 day trip for a result that you will have the rest of your life……. Travel and location should not be a top consideration when choosing your doctor. The result you receive will be permanent and there for life, so don’t be afraid to take a short trip to go with your favorite clinic.

Choosing a clinic based on pricing:

Listen, this is not something that you want to cheap out on. The result you receive will be on top of your head front and center for everyone to see. Forever. You cannot hide it. People convince themselves that they can go to Turkey and have their procedure done for 1 – 2$ per graft, and save themselves thousands of dollars on their procedure.

This industry is just like any other industry. You get what you pay for. If you pay for a 1$ per graft procedure, you will get a 1$ per graft result.

Choosing your hair restoration doctor based on who is cheap is a huge mistake.

A repair job costs twice as much as a regular hair transplant. In the end you will cost yourself more money when you need a repair procedure because you went cheap the first time around.


Lastly, The Hair Transplant Mentor™ Joe Tillman did an outstanding documentary on going to Turkey for a Hair transplant. It is a must watch for anyone considering traveling to Turkey for their procedure:

Part 1

Part 2

@NunoSilva how much do they charge per fue graft?

Hi, when I did my transplant, I payed 3.500euros for one session, with 1380 grafts \ 4028 hairs. But last week i saw that they are with a summer campaign. 2000euros for session.

Another good place for hairline and permanent hair removal is in Malaysia. The prices there are very reasonable and they do a really good job.

“Reasonable prices” should not be the reason one chooses a hair restoration clinic. It will cost the patient twice as much money in the long run when they need to have a repair job the 2nd time around. This industry is just like any other industry. You get what you pay for. If you pay for a 1$ per graft procedure, you will get a 1$ per graft result.

The thing with pricing is whether you pay $2 or $8 you can get screwed. Some experienced doctors charge less, some more. It depends on the market or brand you are trying to create. Some go for high profile customers, some go for chstomers based on economies of scale.

I can clearly state that price does not matter. Ot is who can deliver a procedure on your head ethically and safely.

This whole price and quality thing is one reason why a person got screwed in the first place. I can say clearly fml